Black Friday

An illustration accompanying an article about teams for Intercoms Blog! Thanks to AD Stewart!

What twins can tell us about Nature Vs. Nurture. (un-commissioned work based on a NY Times Article) 

Eat Your Greens

(Personal Work) Snapshot

Kaspar Hauser

props for the stage.

McGill 1951 Sensory Deprivation Experiments 

Commemorating the Legacy of the Disappearance of Etan Patz

(Personal Work) A Lovely Distraction


daddy daughter jousting

(Personal Work) 

(Personal Work) UFO

(Personal Work) Danger Lurks

Mural commissioned by Hullmark in cooperation with OCADu in 230 Richmond  Toronto.


For Zeit Leo! accompanying an article about turning red as an tomato 

(Personal Work)

Just a Feeling

For Haruki Murakami's short story "Drive my Car" from his collection "Men Without Women".


For Corporate Knights Magazine

For Corporate Knights Magazine AD Jack Dylan


I forgot to say.

Love is "spectacle"

Blue Sound

Yellow Sound

Red Sound

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